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How you look on the day of your wedding is also paramount. All eyes are on you, so it’s essential that you choose what’s right for you and your special day. You have to put so much trust in other people to get your big day look just right, so you’ll have your peace of mind that you look perfect when you walk down the aisle!

On-site makeup & Hair

Special services for a particular day, so we are available to travel to your location and get you and your bridal party for ready for the big day!

We do provide  makeup & hair service included not limited for:

  • wedding

  • Engagement

  • prom

  • birthday

  • photoshoot

  • boudoir

  • occasion



Natural and classy makeup for bride



soft smoky eye makeup with flawless airbrush foundation



soft glam makeup look



 Bridal makeup look.

 Her's what we do offer as makeup type for our bride:

 Traditional makeup: refers to use liquid, cream, or powder, can be customizable from light coverage to full coverage as well can be used multi-type of foundation on the face depending on the nature of the skin individual if it combination (oily and dry).

 Can be available in a big range in color, and can be applied with a variety of makeup tool like sponge, brush.

 Airbrush makeup: it is either silicon base or water-based, much thinner than the traditional,  which allows for even, smoother finish look when appropriately applied as a thin layer on the skin.

 It can be applied with an airbrush makeup gun or in a makeup spray can.

  Coverage, lasting, wich one better for my wedding day?

 We hear these questions a lot as a makeup artist,  

 and the bride got confused, and it is hard to pick which one :

  ok, let is be more explicit here,

Long-lasting: both they offer long-lasting when you prep the skin prime, and use powder set, spray set

 Both can give full coverage.

 The only difference here the airbrush since it is silicone-based; it won't work on oily, acne-prone skin, and won't give full coverage because of the thinner formula.

 Photography? And it is the most question the bride asks the answer is airbrush.

 But the good news bride who has oily skin now there is a lot of tradition foundation give airbrush finish foundation.

 So there is no problem any more anyone can get even, smooth airbrushed makeup look.

How I should prep t my skin for my wedding day?

Getting the wedding glow:

  • Start the preparation for six months in advance.

  • Begin a daily beauty regime that includes exfoliation, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

  • Remember to treat the neck and chest area as well.

  • You are what you eat_ and so is your skin, drink water, and eat healthily.

  • Don't poke or prod if blemish appears!

  • Stick to a routine and keep the stress level low!

Have a wedding glow!​



Elegant, Chic and simple



Wedding chic messy updos



Elegant, classy and simple


As your big day draws closer, it’s time to start considering what needs to happen so that you have the perfect hair for your special day.
Three months period:
 Great hair requires a little love and devotion. If you want your hair to look good, you first have to start repairing from the inside out.
Healthy food, multivitamin suggest by a doctor (recommend eating food rich in Vitamin B, such as avocados, nuts, spirulina, eggs, and quinoa. Vitamin B is responsible for keeping your hair think, help it grow and preventing it from breaking).
Hair cut:​ If you’re desperate to grow your hair before the big day, we recommend that you get a hair cut – and keep getting them every 7-10 weeks. It will ensure that you don’t have any split ends at your wedding, helping you avoid that terrible frizzy look that no bride wants. The more breakage and split ends you cut off now, the less you will have to cut off right before your wedding.
Protect your hair: t’s important to invest in a good shampoo and conditioner. It would be best if you were avoiding shampoos and conditioners with harsh chemicals that damage your hair and leave it looking dry and dull.

Bridal Hair Style

Bridal Makeup and Hair trial

High quality products for luxurious bridal look

A hair pin ready to do the magic

A bridal trial is not required BUT highly recommended

It is one_on_one session with your beauty team so you can work together to achieve the look you're looking for!

Why is it highly recommend?

It will be as checking for the lasting, and if you are comfortable, you may even change your mind about some details in it. Save time on an actual day; timing is critical, the bride and her bridal party need to be ready on time, the stylists have your feedback from the trial, and are prepared to adjust what you mentioned for them. 

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