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Getting ready for the big day!

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

What should I do to my skin, should I use a specific product?

We hear these questions a lot as a makeup artist during the trial appointment, I will be more than happy to share with you some important info and some idea can help to answer your questions!

As a makeup artist, it is really important to educate my bride on what I can help her and how she can help me to make her feel the best on her wedding day!

By taking care of her skin more than any time, especially because of the stress which it has the most negativity effect on the skin.

You want to look your best on your special day!

Flawless makeup application and glow skin with a minimal amount of products, full coverage, but not cakey?

I am going to share with you some tips to get ready, flawless, glowy skin for your special day!

Let us break it down first, what you are looking for on your wedding day?

  • flawless makeup look.

  • full coverage, natural finish, it does not look bulky.

  • long-lasting.

  • humidity-proof, sweat-proof.

To reach out the goal, we have to understand the skin we are working on: is it oily, dry, normal, combination and how every skin reacts if have product on, and how we can keep the air cycle move precisely in the same speed and same circulation same as the time we put the makeup on no matter if you get your makeup done too early, all this to know what is the right product to use to control the oil during the day and for all-day makeup last.


How can the bride help the makeup artist to achieve the look she is looking for?

Every makeup artist should prep the skin before starting with the makeup:

  • tone the skin, toning help to remove any oil, dead skin, and shrink the pore.

  • moisturize the skin with a costume lotion or cream depending on skin type.

  • customized primer depending on the face area type for long-lasting makeup application.

  • a trial in advance, so both the makeup artist and the bride decide on the look and decide some product to use as daily.


  • cleanser: use AHA or BHA cleanser to help exfoliate the skin and remove the dead skin, soap-free, sulfur-free( to keep the PH balanced with drying out the skin).

  • Toner, toning is a significant step in the skincare routine; it helps to clean deeper because it is water-based and very liquidy and can penetrate to skin more straightforward and faster.

  • serum: aging serum, hydrating serum, or mattifying serum depending on the skin type.

  • moisturizer: hydrating, oil control, again concern moisturizer, and mattifying moisture, all depend on skin needed.

  • eye cream: brides do not forget an eye cream, it is all about you eyes makeup look, we need those beautiful eyes to pop on your wedding so make sure your eye cream has brightening, moisturizing, and depuffing effect (so we want your eye glow naturally).l will break down each step with my favorite and highly recommended product with the best way to use ( so stay tuned)! in the upcoming post.



Yes facial, the bride needs to visit a spa or medical spa for facial and deep cleaning,

why it is essential? It is essential for anyone to receive a facial with a steamer, it helps to open up the pore for deep cleanse. The Aesthetician may use microdermabrasion for exfoliating the skin or derma planning to remove peachy fussy hair for smoother texture and glow skin. Aesthetician should do extraction to get rid of the blackhead or any clogging pore, doing facial massage to stimulate the skin and fluid the blood around thinking about as work out but for the face, finishing the facial with a face mask, so it helps to tighten the pore and locks the product inside the skin. This treatment should be done at least 3 times before the event and last treatment 4 week before the wedding.

It is very beneficial and relaxing for every bride who needs it after all the hard work she went through while planning for her wedding.

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