Beauty Bar Services

Why Facial Treatment?

Facials can help clear clogged pores, quench parched skin and remove dead cells. Facials involve some massage which aids in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Anti aging effects. Regular facials can help your anti aging products work better. The reason for this is that regular facials help to relax the muscles and tone your face. This helps the anti aging products you use to absorb into the skin better than they would without regular facials.

WhyWaxing Hair Removal?

Hair removal is a necessity and should be a part of your beauty regimen. A good way to remove hair from your target areas is through waxing. This is a form of semi permanent hair removal method where you use wax to remove hairs from their roots.Waxing will reduce the amount of hair you have over time and make what you do have finer and less dense.

That means next spring or summer when you want to wear sexy shorts, you can do it without worrying about unwanted hair and you’ll probably need to wax less often as time goes by.

Waxing can also keep your legs silky soft and smooth.

It makes you feel good about you self every day, start with having a proper skin and grooming, go and get some waxing done today.

Why Eye Lashes Extensions?

When it comes to makeup, eye makeup is often the most time consuming part, and mascara is the absolute worse. It’s clumpy, it smudges, and you can’t sleep with it on – which means you definitely won’t wake up like this.

Removing it every evening and re-applying it every morning is a pain, and for some reason it always causes us to run late.

Don’t you wish you could just wake up with makeup on? Eyelash extensions are the most effective way to look amazing without makeup, cut your ‘getting ready’ time in half, boost your confidence and wake up looking fresh, vibrant and beautiful. They’re perfect for the woman who’s always on the go, the traveler, the minimalist and they’re ideal for all you low-maintenance babes out there.